There were lots of animals and tourists in Denali np!  The tourists liked to tell us that we are crazy to camp with bears roaming around. They usually said it with an attitude of being smarter than us and then would shake their heads… it’s our own stupidity if we don’t make it out alive I guess ;) 

One of the keys to bear safety (as pointed out in the half hour video we were forced to watch before backcountry camping), is to be on the look out for bears.  I thought we were doing a decent job and just getting lucky.  Zero bears the first day biking 50 miles.  On the shuttle ride back the second day, the driver had reached 16 in his bear count as he pointed them out to us. haha

I seem to be doing the same backpacking trips that I did last year.  Anyway… I will go to Reed Lakes whenever since it is so beautiful!  It was a fun 5 mile hike in hopping over boulders.

I am committing to buying a new tent after this outing.  The very clean zippers keep snagging and I found holes in my fly (not just the mesh now).  I guess that’s what happens after 4 years of heavy use.

Dipnetting! My first catch of the summer was the highlight… As it is still my only catch of the summer.

With little luck on the Kenai, we tried the Kasilof River. We slept in my friends’ fancy conversion van and awoke at 3am to fireworks and the incoming tide. Dipnet camping is an experience filled with fireworks, 4 wheelers, narly looking Alaskans, and fish guts.

After the dipnetting crowds, breaking my fishing rod out and finding a secluded stretch of river is sounding nice.

Biking Resurrection Pass was awesome. 40 miles, 7 hours…. 2 really tired and dirty BAMFs! (as Meredyth would put it) A lady riding a horse told me that we’re some hard core girls. It put a smile on my face since the horse lady didn’t witness me trying to avoid her horse shit by falling down a hill after coming to a complete stop and losing my balance clipped in. I gracefully landed on my backpack feet uphill, head downhill with Meredyth cracking up at my misfortune. She made me laugh too.

I was surprised at how much fun I had. I haven’t mountain biked in ages and have only done much shorter trails. I think biking on shitty ass African dirt/sand roads gave me skills.

Now I must find a taller friend I can borrow a mountain bike from :)