Still no snow on the ground and not more than a dusting on top of Bird Ridge.

I did my long run (14 miles!, I think) at Eklutna Lake. I didn’t actually mean to go that far, but there was no cell reception for me to track my mileage,so I went by time. Upon further Internet research, I’m pretty sure it was a solid 14 miles. This week’s 14 miles was much better than the 14 miles I did last weekend in rain :) less than 2 months until my marathon!… Honolulu marathon.

My friend David from the Africa trip and his wife Joanne arrived in Anchorage this weekend. They are going to bike from Anchorage, Alaska to Argentina! Crazy people :) I love it! Check out their blog:

I have to admit that I feel jealous and excited for their trip. Their bikes and setup and gear look amazing. I can’t believe that as I go back to work tomorrow, they’ll be starting this amazing journey.

There were lots of animals and tourists in Denali np!  The tourists liked to tell us that we are crazy to camp with bears roaming around. They usually said it with an attitude of being smarter than us and then would shake their heads… it’s our own stupidity if we don’t make it out alive I guess ;) 

One of the keys to bear safety (as pointed out in the half hour video we were forced to watch before backcountry camping), is to be on the look out for bears.  I thought we were doing a decent job and just getting lucky.  Zero bears the first day biking 50 miles.  On the shuttle ride back the second day, the driver had reached 16 in his bear count as he pointed them out to us. haha