Dipnetting! My first catch of the summer was the highlight… As it is still my only catch of the summer.

With little luck on the Kenai, we tried the Kasilof River. We slept in my friends’ fancy conversion van and awoke at 3am to fireworks and the incoming tide. Dipnet camping is an experience filled with fireworks, 4 wheelers, narly looking Alaskans, and fish guts.

After the dipnetting crowds, breaking my fishing rod out and finding a secluded stretch of river is sounding nice.

Biking Resurrection Pass was awesome. 40 miles, 7 hours…. 2 really tired and dirty BAMFs! (as Meredyth would put it) A lady riding a horse told me that we’re some hard core girls. It put a smile on my face since the horse lady didn’t witness me trying to avoid her horse shit by falling down a hill after coming to a complete stop and losing my balance clipped in. I gracefully landed on my backpack feet uphill, head downhill with Meredyth cracking up at my misfortune. She made me laugh too.

I was surprised at how much fun I had. I haven’t mountain biked in ages and have only done much shorter trails. I think biking on shitty ass African dirt/sand roads gave me skills.

Now I must find a taller friend I can borrow a mountain bike from :)

I took Lilly (the dog my roomie is babysitting) for a 10 mile hike/trail run today to Rabbit Lake. There is something very odd about going on an adventure with a dog you don’t know or trust. I was told she is not good with other dogs and might run off if I were to take her off leash. A few weeks ago we were also babysitting Lily. I took her on one walk during which she got into a frightening fight with a mean looking dog.

With this knowledge, I kept lily on leash for our hike. A leashed dog in the Alaskan wilderness is a rare sight. Other hikers could probably tell how nervous and unsure I was about our dogs’ interactions. It was most odd when I didn’t allow lily off leash at the lake since a few other dogs were down there as well. Yes, I let her swim back and froth on leash :/ then I explained to the people watching that this dog isn’t mine and I can’t trust her. Haha. After today I feel way more comfortable with her. She was nice to all the other dogs we saw an was a good listener.

The car ride home with a dead tired dog was more pleasant than the trip out! I was quite tired too. I ran out of water then stopped at McDonalds on the way home to double fist a diet coke and chocolate shake.

I was able to get a little outdoor fun in after the wildfire smoke died down. My mission to get back in shape after 4 straight months of biking includes running, hiking, and yoga classes. I reconstructed Scott’s bike after the plane ride, but have yet to take it for a ride. The bike was free on the way home from Cape Town. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be, but that’s not something you question.